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Shrek the Third is coming with a new and amusing story


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Shrek the Third will arrive on theaters May 18, and it will feature all the characters we saw in the first two movies of the sage: Fiona, Donkey, Gingy, Merlin, Prince Charming, Puss in Boots,... and we will see more new and amazing ones like dronkey or Artie (Fiona’s cousin).

Why is this movie called Shrek the Third instead of Shrek 3? It’s easy, when Shrek married Fiona, he didn’t think about becoming a king, but that’s exactly what he faces when Fiona’s father suddenly croaks. After this, the movie will show us the search for a king from the hands of Shrek and his partners Puss in Boots and Donkey.

A fantastic stroy which will give us two funny hours in the Theaters.

Now you can place this great picture in your desktop for the waiting. Just download it and choose Set as wallpaper.
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